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Simple ToDoTree 1.1

“Simple ToDoTree” is a very simple to do list manager.
You can add, modify, delete, reorder, check and create sub items.
[View in iTunes Preview site]


  • Add to do item: Tap the plus button on the bottom bar.
  • Modify to do item: Tap the text part of the to do item.
  • Delete to do: Swipe the to do item and tap a red delete button appeared on it.
  • Reorder to do: Tap the edit button on the bottom bar, and drag a grip appeared on the right side of it.
  • Change status of to do: Tap the left side icon on the to do item.
  • Create, add or view sub to do list: Tap the right side icon on the parent to do item.
  • You can load and save to do items via “iTunes File Sharing” in xml format.

That’s all features of this application.
Originally, I developed this application to learn iPhone programming.
However, because it has become one of the most important applications for me, I decided to share it to you!

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